Chip Fuses Rectangular Type / Low Ohm & Fast Acting FMC16

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  • Suitable for over-current protection of the circuit of miniature portable equipment.
  • Low internal resistance compared with FCC/FHC16 AB series for low power consumption and voltage dropping.
  • Certified UL, c-UL. File No. : E176847
  Details are shown in pdf-specification

Size, Rating, Packaging
Style Size
Minimum Packaging Qty. Fusing Characteristics Rated Current Interrupting Rating
Packaging(Symbol) Qty.
Option Code Fusing Characteristics
FMC16 1608 (0603)
Paper Tape(TP) 5,000 AB Rated Current×200% 5s.MAX 0.5 A - 5.0A 32Vd.c. 35A
  Bulk Package (Loose Package) are available in All Styles.(Minimun Qty.:1,000pcs) *Details are shown in pdf-catalog
Parts Number System
FMC   16   202   AB   TP
Type Size Rated Current Option Code Packaging